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GEIT 3101.01 E-Resource Management

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Basic Course Details

Course Introduction and Objectives

This module aims the students to learn the basics of scholarly literature, referencing and tools which can be used to electronically, efficiently scholarly literature. Leading tools of scholarly literature will be discussed, demonstrated, and compared throughout this course unit.

Intended Learning Outcomes

1. Describe about scholarly literature and referencing techniques.
2. Adapt scholarly literature management tool for research.
3. Demonstrate uses of scholarly literature management tools.
4. Distinguish differences of different scholarly literature management tools.
5. Combine scholarly literature management tools with well-known word processing tools.

Lecturer(s) in Charge

Lecturer (Probationary)
Department of ICT

BSc (Hons)(Comp. Sci.)(USJ), MBCS (UK),

Ms. Pasangi Perera

Lecturer (Contract)
Department of ICT

BSc (Hons)(Comp. Sci.)(USJ)

Assistant Lecturers/ Instructors


Miss. Isiri Indurangala

Temporary Assistant Lecturer
Department of ICT

BSc (Hons)(Comp.Sci.) NSBM
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