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Certificate in Library and Information Sciences

2 Semesters



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Certificate in Library and Information Sciences

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Library and Information Sciences

The creation, dissemination, and manipulation of information in this information age, has become the most important economic and cultural activity. The Library and Information Sciences field is primarily concerned with the retrieval and management of information in all forms. This field is becoming increasingly important as technology advances. Therefore, the Certificate degree in Library and Information Sciences focuses on equipping students with the fundamental theoretical and practical skills needed to correctly handle information and enable users to readily access it while navigating the digital environment. Furthermore, this will be helpful in the preparation of a workforce capable of working in any firm engaged in information activities. During two semesters, this course will be taught in English/Sinhala in collaboration with the Library of the University. The academic staff of the Library is capable of completing this course successfully.

What you will learn

Why this course

Develop fundamental knowledge and skills in Library and Information Sciences in order to organize and manage small to medium-sized libraries.

Who this course is for

This courses targets individuals who are willing to obtain knowledge in Library and Information Sciences. Specially for First Year Undergraduates of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of USJ.

Delivery Method

Online courses will be conducted using Zoom and CDEPD LMS. Once you successfully register to the course, LMS credentials will be sent to your registered email address.


Selection Criteria

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