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Digital Learning Space is the Learning Management System of Center for Digital Education and Professional Development.

Below Contents are for Departments of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Only.

How can we request to include our Diploma or any other course in CDEPD LMS?

If you would like to use the CDEPD LMS for your Diploma or any other courses, you can send your request to Administrator of CDEPD LMS.

When do we need to send the list of lecturers and students?

If this is a fresh course that the department is going to start or include in the LMS, you can send all the necessary details we have requested below.

Do we need to send batch wise requested documents?

No. It is not necessary to send batch wise information. Without repeating same information, you may prepare three files for each LMS course which are

1. List of Lecturers
2. List of External Students
3. List of Internal Students.

How to prepare the List of Lecturers, Students to get them enrolled to the CDEPD LMS?

You can use below resources to send lecturer details, internal and external student details to the LMS administrator.

Along with those information, you should highlight that who is the course coordinator of this new course. Course coordinator can manage your course in the CDEPD LMS. CDEPD administrators will not manage courses. Just course categories.

Using the below download button, you can access excel sheets which you should use to prepare details of each type of user.

Do not modify columns or validations of these excel files.

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