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GEIT 1201.02 Microsoft Office for Workplace

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Microsoft Office for Workplace

Basic Course Details

Course Introduction and Objectives

This course provides an overview of MS Office applications including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel with a primary focus on using Excel to analyse and explore real world data. The course provides hands-on use of MS Office applications Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Completion of the assignments will result in MS Office applications knowledge and skills.

Intended Learning Outcomes

1. Claim proficiency in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
2. Independently create professional-looking documents and presentations.
3. Familiar with some advanced Word, Excel and PowerPoint functions.
4. Use Word, Excel and PowerPoint in a variety of professional, educational, and personal situations.
5. Select suitable tasks each of the major Office programs can perform.

Lecturer(s) in Charge

Lecturer (Probationary)
Department of ICT

BSc (Hons)(Comp. Sci.)(USJ), MBCS (UK),

Ms. Pasangi Perera

Lecturer (Contract)
Department of ICT

BSc (Hons)(Comp. Sci.)(USJ)

Assistant Lecturers/ Instructors


Miss. Isiri Indurangala

Temporary Assistant Lecturer
Department of ICT

BSc (Hons)(Comp.Sci.) NSBM
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