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GEIT 2201.02 Project Management Essentials

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Marketing Course

Basic Course Details

Course Introduction and Objectives

Project management module created to give a proper insight to understand the basic principles of project management and how MS Project can help to manage a project effectively, learn how to create a basic project plan and add tasks to it, then how to manage task relationships and project resources within a project and how to finalize and update a project plan.

Intended Learning Outcomes

1. Describe main principles of Project Management.
2. Adhere project management principles to define a project and project plan.
3. Adapt project management tools to monitor project progress.
4. Compose progress reports using Microsoft Project.
5. Demonstrate advanced Microsoft Project Application Customizations.

Lecturer(s) in Charge

Lecturer (Probationary)
Department of ICT

BSc (Hons)(Comp. Sci.)(USJ), MBCS (UK),

Ms. Pasangi Perera

Lecturer (Contract)
Department of ICT

BSc (Hons)(Comp. Sci.)(USJ)

Assistant Lecturers/ Instructors


Miss. Isiri Indurangala

Temporary Assistant Lecturer
Department of ICT

BSc (Hons)(Comp.Sci.) NSBM
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