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Are employers only interested in academic performance? Will a degree guarantee a good job? Not strictly true!
What skills do graduate employers look for?

Personal Skills

Perhaps the most fundamental of all skills are those concerned with self-preservation - that is, staying healthy in both body and mind.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are the behaviors and tactics a person uses to interact with others effectively. In the business world, the term refers to an employee's ability to work well with others. Interpersonal skills range from communication and listening to attitude and deportment.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are the strengths and abilities individuals demonstrate that help the oversee processes, guide initiatives and steer their employees toward the achievement of goals. Valuable leadership skills include the ability to delegate, inspire and communicate effectively.

Learning Skills

Learning skills describes the tasks involved in learning, including time management, note-taking, reading effectively, study skills, and writing tests. Knowing your preferred learning style can be helpful in knowing how to develop the skills necessary to be an effective learner.

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills can be defined as a set of abilities that enable an individual to: interact with the audience; transmit the messages with clarity; engage the audience in the presentation, and interpret and understand the mindsets of the listeners. The present era places great emphasis on good presentation skills.

Writing Skills

Writing skills include all the knowledge and abilities related to expressing ideas through the written word. The ability to clearly communicate ideas through writing is in high demand for employers in any industry.

Numeracy Skills

Numeracy involves skills that aren't always taught in the classroom – the ability to use numbers and solve problems in real life. It means having the confidence and skill to use numbers and mathematical approaches in all aspects of life. Numeracy is as important as literacy.

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