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Fundamentals of Computer Hardware and Networking

3 Months



On University | Online

Certificate in Fundamentals of Computer Hardware and Networking

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Computer Hardware and Networking

Computers nowadays have become the integral part of our lives; it has made things really fast. Its increasing use has provided opportunity for the youngsters to start of an exciting and highly payable career in this world of IT. As if in past computer hardware and networking was not considered as a good career opportunity but now the situation has changed, among various courses related to IT, Computer hardware and networking courses are gaining much popularity. Sales of computer desktops, laptops, printers, UPS and so on, are rapidly increasing leading to the need of hardware and networking professional in the field. Computer hardware and networking courses serves these needs.

What you will learn

Why this course

Learning the fundamentals is a must to pioneer any subject. This course will cover the foundations of computer hardware and networking which is a requirement if you are interested in studying IT.

Who this course is for

This course is meant for students who love to learn the basics of computer hardware and networking.

Delivery Method

Online courses will be conducted using Zoom and CDEPD LMS. Once you successfully register to the course, LMS credentials will be sent to your registered email address.


Selection Criteria

Learn about the fundamentals of computers, history as well as categories of computers.

Main components of computer hardware, how they will communicate with keep in sync.

Practical approach to assemble your computer/laptop or build a new custom rig.

Basics of computer networks including how computers talk with each other.

Setup a simple local area network to communicate with other computers.

Figure out what is wrong with the computer your are trying to fix using easy and important tips.

Equipment required

To get the most out of this exciting online experience, we recommend you equip yourself with the right tools for the job before you commence your studies.

All study resources (content and assessments) will be provided as part of the course. You will need to supply the following.

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