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DPD – 2213 Software Based Data Analysis using SPSS and EViews – Curriculum Tab

• Introduction to EViews
• Starting EViews
• Work files in EViews

• Sample data objects
• Entering data manually
• Importing and exporting data

• Examining the data: single and multiple series
• Summary statistics
• Measures of normality
• Plotting two or more series

• Estimate a Regression Model
• Hypothesis testing
• Modifying the equation
• Interpretation of results

• Orientation to SPSS for Windows
• Creating editing and Importing data
• Characteristics of variables
• Labels and grouping data
• Transformation of variables and splitting samples

• Displaying data with charts and graphs
• Frequency analysis and Descriptive statistics
• Data analysis with Cross tabulation

• Conducting T tests

• Measures of association
• Simple and multiple linear regression
• Interpreting and exporting outputs into different formats

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