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DPD – 2113 Employability Skills for Academic and Career Development

Basic Course Details

Course Introduction and Objectives

This course is designed to help students identify the knowledge and skills required for obtaining and keeping employment. Course work will emphasize individual skill assessments, interpersonal communication skills, workplace responsibilities, teamwork skills, safety issues, and personal management skills for the workplace.

Intended Learning Outcomes

1. To help students explore their values and career choices through individual skill assessments.
2. To make realistic employment choices and to identify the steps necessary to achieve a goal.
3. To develop and practice self-management skills for the work site.
4. To explore and practice basic communication skills.
5. To learn skills for discussing and resolving problems on the work site.
6. To assess and improve personal grooming.
7. To promote safety awareness including rules and procedures on the work site.
8. Understand and learn health issues associated with computer usage and how to overcome them.

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